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Weekly Specials Monday, April 30 ? Friday, May 4

Soup: Potato-Leek (vegan)
Special: Couscous Royal with grilled chicken (vegan)

Soup: Barley-Vegetable (vegan)
Special: Broccoli-Cheddar Quiche with salad.

Soup: Corn Chowder (vegan)
Special: Tofu-Mushroom Stroganoff with Tagliatelle noodles and small green salad (vegan)

Soup: Black Bean (vegan)
Special: Ratatouille, grilled veggie-lamb and polenta

Weekend Specials, Sat & Sun April 28-29

Coconut Shrimp? $7.50
Fried shrimp coated in coconut flakes and served with Thai sweet chilli sauce.

Spanish Cashew Nut Paella (vegan) $13.95
One of our favorite specials. Arborio rice, red and green peppers, olives, cashew and veggie chicken.

Brunch Specials
(served Sat/Sun from 10.30am – 3pm)

Savory French Toast $9.50
Four Cheese Omelette $9.50
Served with salad and Fountain Fries.

Vegan Cooking Demonstration

March 20, 7 pm

Watch, learn & eat!
Sit back and enjoy watching our skilled, entertaining Chef prepare a healthy 3 course vegan dinner.


Carrot Ginger Turmeric Smoothie – Start with tasty immune boosting smoothie

Beet Ravioli with Cashew Cheese – Stunning appetizer made with raw beets and homemade cashew cheese with fresh herbs

Main Course:
Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie – Nourishing baked casserole with vegetables and lentils. Served with salad.

Raspberry Panna Cotta – Delicious raw treat. No sugar and no guilt.

Participation $35, incl. tasting and recipes.

To register please call 718-5913663