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Lia W., Glen Cove, NY

I love oneness fountain!!

I never refer it to that when speaking of it, I just say Chinmoy. I’ve tried everything on the menu and I must say to have a great experience especially if you’re new to vegetarian food, you must know what to order and be open minded that if you do try something new, not all of it will be to your taste buds, but all of it is made with love. The service there is always exceptional as well and I’m never disappointed with any of my experiences there. I’ve been a vegetarian for almost a year and I recommend if your vegetarian or not that you must go here and you will fall in love with it as well. The soups are amazing and I must say to have a true experience to start off with the buffalo wings with ranch sauce as appetizer, share the mother nature salad regular size, substantial enough size for a grown mans hunger, plus do not forget to top it with the veggie chicken. I always get the Thai chicken wrap with the sweet dressing that comes with it on the side. The mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy is to die for. I would have that with just buffalo wings…hehehe. If you have a sweet tooth, get the tiramasu with a cup of cappuccino to end your meal, and you’ll just leave thinking of chinmoy instantly wanting to plan the next time your going to go again. 😉 enjoy!!

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Jean H., New York, NY

What a lovely neighborhood treat!

I highly recommend everyone in the neighborhood to come down and experience the awesome veg food– EVEN if you’re a die-hard carnivore. There are dishes for everyone to enjoy as the veg food has vegan options, ‘meat’ dishes with amazing meat-likeness, meals of all styles (Italian, Thai, American and so forth). I highly recommend getting a Mashed Potato side: de-FREAKIN-licious.

The prices…. meh. i guess the prices reflect the quality of food here, meaning: good food ain’t cheap.

The owner is so caring and shows his love for the food in the way he runs his business.

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Cori V., Rego Park, NY

As a chef, I have to say that whoever was in the kitchen clearly takes a great deal of pride in what they do. The food was prepared extremely well, impeccably even. The presentation was appealing and the flavors were quite nice. I wouldn’t mind watching them work…

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Russell H., East Meadow, NY

Great food, reasonable prices, friendly staff

When you first walk in, the setting really puts you at ease. It is very peaceful and cheerful looking. The restaurant is “dedicated to the worldwide mission of Sri Chinmoy” and is decorated with pictures of him and things related to his teachings. There is a corner with books about meditation and other things and a television. Very clean and friendly looking.

To start, I got a pot of Chai tea ($1.95) with soymilk on the side. The chai smelled yummy. The taste was not so strong, but I enjoyed it.

For dinner I ordered the Vegan Spring Chicken Salad. ($6.95) that has strips of veggie cajun-grilled chicken on a salad of fresh spinach, green leaf lettuce, toasted walnuts, tomatoes and sweet peppers, served with mango-lime dressing. It was really really delicious. The presentation was really nice and inviting and it just tasted so fresh. The faux chicken wasn’t rubbery and was nicely seasoned. I’m sorry to any meat eaters out there, but I really have no idea what chicken tastes like so I can’t really tell you if it tastes like chicken. It did taste good, though! The dressing was very mango-y and delicious. They put it on the side by default, which I like a lot. One of the best salads I’ve had in a while.

My girlfriend got the large Mother Nature Salad ($6.95) + grilled tofu ($1.50). The Mother Nature Salad contains lettuce, carrots, beets, broccoli, cucumbers, tomatoes, mushrooms, and sprouts. She commented that the salad was a really large portion and she wasn’t able to finish it. She didn’t get any dressing with it, just lemons that she squeezed on top of the salad. She commented that the tofu “tasted like soup” and I have no idea what that means but it wasn’t a negative thing. From what I could tell she enjoyed her salad.

Usually I decide not to get dessert but I always take a look at the menu just for kicks. They have 3 vegan options on the dessert menu that include Vegan Chocolate Cake ($3.95), Coconut – Passion Fruit Chiffon Pie ($3.95), and Berry Dream ($4.50), which is cashew cream with berries. I got the Pie and it was amazing. It was light and fruity. The presentation style was also very very nice.

Our waiter was extremely nice and helped when I needed information about their vegan options. He was quick too. Our water glasses were always full.

In total, their menu has 6 strictly vegan options and 18 vegetarian options that can be ordered vegan. That is very very good in my book. Everything on the menu is vegetarian.

I will totally come back here.

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Thatch M.

One Of A Kind Jewel in Queens NY. I Love It!

This is one of my favorite restaurants period. I love the bright light atmosphere and quirky decorations. Even the funny yet inspiring videos of the founder are a perfect addition to the experience.

The guiding force behind this unique restaurant is the late Sri Chinmoy, one of the worlds foremost advocates of international harmony. It is now independently owned and operated by his students.

Affordable beyond delicious organic vegetarian and vegan meals, even the veggie-meat taste fantastic. What more could one ask for.

I guarantee that you will enjoy your experience at this one of a kind jewel of a restaurant.

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Enjoyed the Quiet coolness of the fountain!

I have visited this place several times. I will be the first to say that I am in no way a vegetarian but this place allows me to live in their world if only for an hour. The food is good. The service is friendly and the atmosphere is calming and pleasant.
Tip: Order the Duck suprise!!!

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A Sweet Restaurant!

I really liked this place and intend on coming back very often! You can probably tell that this is a vegetarian restaurant, but it’s not just pasta and salads. They use a lot of other ingredients to replace meats and as a former meat eater, I think they did it in a great, tasty way! I had the Neat Loaf, my fellow diner had the Souvlaki Fountainopolis, and we shared a mango lassi. The selection was great in that way where you want to order about 5 things and can’t choose. The decor is interesting, very blue, and adds to the place’s overall peaceful vibe. I saw that some people complained about the slow service, but I’d say that you have to realize that this isn’t exactly a place you go to for fast food. The whole idea is that you sit down in a relaxing atmosphere and enjoy the food these people enjoy making and serving to you. I thought the staff was courteous and sweet. I hope more people hear about this place and go because I think I’m going to be a big fan!

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Best vegetarian restaurant in queens!

For the record this is not a cult run restaurant, but a spiritual group founded by the late Sri Chinmoy. Food never disappoints. Love the Lemon chicken wrap. Absolutely delicious. Family favorite is the Souvlaki fountainopolis. Have introduced several family members and friends to this dish and they all love it. We all love the Thai tea, the best in Queens. Worth making a trip to, unusual decor adds to the fun and experience. Friendly waiters. Prices are very reasonable and the food is always fresh.

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Sharani R. East Providence, RI

You have got to save room for the tiramisu – I’ve never had better anywhere else. That said, the soups, salads and entrees are appealing as well.

When I’m in this neighborhood, I try to be sure to stop by and always find an oasis of calm and serenity amidst the busy city vibes surrounding it.

They are more gourmet than some of the other vegetarian restaurants in the area and there are usually excellent specials to supplement the consistent favorites on the regular menu.

You can’t go wrong with the neat loaf and mashed potatoes. Any of the wrap sandwiches come recommended – I like “fake” meat and this restaurant lets you order it as a side dish alacarte or as part of an ensemble such as the Duck Surprise.

The food always tastes fresh. Don’t be fooled by the location – this little restaurant is a gourmet slice of heaven proving that some restaurants feed both body and soul.

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Mark R., Forest Hills, NY

Easily one of the best vegetarian restaurants in NYC

… (although in Queens) offering creative gourmet faux meats and incredible desserts — the tiramisú is the best I have had (and I once lived in Italy).

Entrees include a very hearty “neatloaf” with real mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy. A garlic-sautéed Duck Surprise tastes almost real. The vegetarian burgers are much better than your average veggie burger that is a typical add-on at most restaurants nowadays.

“Thai Heaven” includes a mildly spicy coconut cashew curry sauce served with sautéed veggie chicken. The chicken dishes are my favorite, including a lemon chicken wrap.

Appetizers are also good, with veg buffalo wings with a cajun BBQ sauce, and “Magic Mushrooms” sautéed in a ginger sauce.

The desserts seem to vary from season to season, including some chocolate mousse and cakes and cheesecakes.

The atmosphere is classy and peaceful but not too stuffy. Prices are affordable. The downside is that is that it can be a little difficult to find the restaurant the first time — its in the middle of Queens more in a neighborhood than a thoroughfare.

As described in the menu, the restaurant is a tribute to the late Sri Chinmoy who advocated vegetarian food for clearer thought and more peaceful demeanor. Perhaps we need a few more vegetarian restaurants in the world…

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