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The Restaurant Fairy

The Oneness-Fountain-Heart Restaurant is a world away from the bustling busyness of life. Step into this charming café decorated in calming blues and the outside world just melts away.

There is a palpable higher consciousness here both in the people and the food. The servers here feel like friends. Nobody is in a rush to get your order or turn the table. There is a wonderful warmth and sense of peace amongst all here.

At the Oneness-Fountain-Heart Restaurant there is a dedication to conscious living and healthy eating. They use the freshest of ingredients and organic as much as possible as they prepare their dishes.

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Long Island Restaurant Review

On a street corner in Flushing is this little place you can escape to for delicious, healthy food, peaceful surroundings and relaxation. As soon as you walk in, you see all the clean whites and blues, a small water fountain and wall decorations of Sri Chinmoy’s art. Soothing meditation music and the sound of the water fountain set the mood for a stress-less meal.

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The inspiration for this restaurant intrigued me, as it pays homage to a well known spiritual leader and “a champion of peace,” Sri Chinmoy, boasting an eclectic vegetarian menu.

Located very much off the beaten path in Flushing, Oneness is a place you must access by car, but once you get there you’ll be glad you made the trip. I must say that from the outside, it doesn’t much look like a restaurant or cafe, as the space is ultra bright – seeming to be illuminated by a multitude of lamps as well as gold wall fixtures that reflect light.

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Vegetarian fare with a side of meditation anyone?

The Oneness-Fountain-Heart specializes in healthy cuisine and conscious living. Inspired by the teachings of Sri Chinmoy it is a unique dining experience with a different feel than your typical restaurant. With a section dedicated to books on meditation and incense and live Indian inspired flute music playing as you enjoy your meal it is a peaceful retreat from the hustle of NYC. The true test of course is the food however and I had the opportunity to sample several dishes.

Must Have.

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LIB Magazine

Has your hectic routine already made 2014 a stressful year? Are you looking for some peace and quiet but don’t have the time or money to spend on a vacation? Does your body need a fresh start after polishing off the last of your Christmas cookies? If you answered affirmatively to any of these questions, you deserve a dining experience at the Oneness Fountain Heart Vegetarian Restaurant.

Oneness Fountain Heart Vegetarian Restaurant, a retreat for your spirit

Entering the restaurant will immediately put you at ease. Sky blue walls surround the brightly decorated tables, complete with fresh flowers and a motivational poem on each table. Photos of Sri Chinmoy, “The Dreamer of World-Oneness,” hangs on each wall. Sri Chinmoy dedicated his life to world peace and was known for his literature, music compositions, artwork, humanitarianism, and founding programs such as the World Harmony Run. Before ordering, take in Sri Chinmoy’s positive energy while looking at photos of him and his watercolor paintings.

Oneness Fountain Heart Vegetarian Restaurant, a welcome change for your ears

If you’re used to the noise of family style Italian restaurants on Long Island, you may find some relief while sitting in Oneness Fountain Heart. Shashanka, the restaurant’s owner and manager, politely greets you while two chefs quietly demonstrate their expertise. The customers openly express their affection for the food they are about to eat. “This place has such a pleasant atmosphere,” said Cherry, a regular customer for the past decade. Cherry added that Shashanka always acknowledges his regular customers and the restaurant has a friendly environment with “positive energy and good Karma.”

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Queens Tribune

Voted Best Vegetarian Restaurant in Queens

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Upscale vegetarian with a spiritual bent, the Oneness-Fountain-Heart is a sophisticated and surprising find in a lesser trafficked area of Flushing. With a menu that offers a variety of foods, from Greek to classic BLT’s, Bliss Burgers and Portobello Mellow, your serenity at this spot will carry over even while you pay your check.

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Vegan Guide New York 2011

It’s worth taking a cab from Manhattan for this one. In addition to the blue facades that all the restaurants operated by disciples of Sri Chinmoy share, they also have in common an uncommon devotion to high culinary standards and service. The dishes here to try are the “Duck Surprise”, which is made with vegetarian mock duck, and the vegetarian “Neatloaf”. My personal favourite was “Thai Heaven”, which consists of grilled chicken in a delicate coconut sauce.

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Vegetarian Resource Group

Eclectic menu with unusual items, such as Duck Surprise (vegetarian duck with butter-braised broccoli, served with royal rice and pineapple sauce) and Portobello Mellow (grilled portobello mushrooms, red peppers, fresh spinach, and mozzarella in a spinach wrap). The menu also includes a soup-of-the-day, appetizers, salads, and desserts. Open Thursday through Tuesday for lunch and dinner. Closed Wednesday. Full service, fresh juices, espresso/cappuccino, $$.

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E-How Food

If you are looking for tasty vegan food, try dining at The Oneness-Fountain Heart. The restaurant is owned and operated by the students of Sri Chinmoy, one of the foremost advocates of international harmony. You can drop in for a vegan smoothie made from fresh, organic fruit loaded with vitamins and minerals. For lunch or dinner, sample the lemon veggie “chicken” served with rosemary lemon sauce or chicken wrap with veggies. For lighter fare, try a bowl of freshly made soup or one of the many salads on the menu. Open daily for lunch and dinner daily including Sunday brunch.

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