From Moscow with Love

From Moscow with Love

Today’s Blog comes from the bustling city of Moscow where I had to travel for a book project. Beside the work, there was time to discover a few of the many new restaurants that have opened up over the last years. The restaurant scene is extremely interesting, well developed and you can find restaurants of all styles.

The current crisis though with sanctions and devaluation of the Russian Ruble, has left a big shadow on this scene and last night I heard from a restaurant owner that in Moscow and St. Petersburg alone, 900 Restaurants have closed over the last 2 months!

Let us hope that this crisis will end soon and that the world will finally learn that in a war there are only losers. When will the people and especially the leaders start to feel that the world is all one, one body, one family of nations, one big community of individuals that are all unique and have something unique to offer to humanity. There is no way around working together to tackle all the intertwined and global problems and challenges.

7970 A Perfect Oneness-World

As the countless drops
Of the boundless ocean
Or the myriad leaves
Of a huge banyan tree
Peacefully remain side by side,
Even so, all human beings
Will someday live side by side
In a perfect oneness-world.

Sri Chinmoy, Ten Thousand Flower-Flames, Part 80, Agni Press, 1983

84 Roses for 84 yearsOne leader who had this vision and worked towards it all his life is the former President Mikhail Gorbachev. Although he is currently much more loved in the West than in his native country, I personally believe that history will be clearly on his side. His 84th birthday was yesterday and I had the chance to visit him with a colleague and a huge bouquet of 84 roses, one for each year! It was a warm moment and I will treasure the handshake and the heartfelt exchange of feelings.

I was staying with some friends in a simple, but cosy apartment. The home-cooked food was very enjoyable. Everybody was happy that I bought some extra vegetables, cheese and Kefir. Sasha is an extremely talented cook who has all the passion, the spark, the genius but also the love and concern to become a great chef.
Avocado Salad

Several times he cooked some quick meals that tasted great. You see here an avocado salad, buckwheat with a vegetable-egg curry and the nourishing Penne-Pomodoro with a fragrant local cheese that we devoured this morning after the last morning run and before heading to the airport. A deftly breakfast-lunch!
Sometimes simple meals can be so much more fulfilling if the main ingredient – love – is ample.

Generally the quality of the vegetables as well as bread seemed higher to me, with more taste than in New York. I discovered a small traditional store which had also a section with dried fruit which immediately fascinated me. I bought five different varieties of dried apricots!, different nuts and all of them had incredible flavor so that I decided to “smuggle” a few to New York…


I love Moscow and I hope I will be back soon!

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