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Lia W., Glen Cove, NY

I love oneness fountain!!

I never refer it to that when speaking of it, I just say Chinmoy. I’ve tried everything on the menu and I must say to have a great experience especially if you’re new to vegetarian food, you must know what to order and be open minded that if you do try something new, not all of it will be to your taste buds, but all of it is made with love. The service there is always exceptional as well and I’m never disappointed with any of my experiences there. I’ve been a vegetarian for almost a year and I recommend if your vegetarian or not that you must go here and you will fall in love with it as well. The soups are amazing and I must say to have a true experience to start off with the buffalo wings with ranch sauce as appetizer, share the mother nature salad regular size, substantial enough size for a grown mans hunger, plus do not forget to top it with the veggie chicken. I always get the Thai chicken wrap with the sweet dressing that comes with it on the side. The mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy is to die for. I would have that with just buffalo wings…hehehe. If you have a sweet tooth, get the tiramasu with a cup of cappuccino to end your meal, and you’ll just leave thinking of chinmoy instantly wanting to plan the next time your going to go again. 😉 enjoy!!

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