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Has your hectic routine already made 2014 a stressful year? Are you looking for some peace and quiet but don’t have the time or money to spend on a vacation? Does your body need a fresh start after polishing off the last of your Christmas cookies? If you answered affirmatively to any of these questions, you deserve a dining experience at the Oneness Fountain Heart Vegetarian Restaurant.

Oneness Fountain Heart Vegetarian Restaurant, a retreat for your spirit

Entering the restaurant will immediately put you at ease. Sky blue walls surround the brightly decorated tables, complete with fresh flowers and a motivational poem on each table. Photos of Sri Chinmoy, “The Dreamer of World-Oneness,” hangs on each wall. Sri Chinmoy dedicated his life to world peace and was known for his literature, music compositions, artwork, humanitarianism, and founding programs such as the World Harmony Run. Before ordering, take in Sri Chinmoy’s positive energy while looking at photos of him and his watercolor paintings.

Oneness Fountain Heart Vegetarian Restaurant, a welcome change for your ears

If you’re used to the noise of family style Italian restaurants on Long Island, you may find some relief while sitting in Oneness Fountain Heart. Shashanka, the restaurant’s owner and manager, politely greets you while two chefs quietly demonstrate their expertise. The customers openly express their affection for the food they are about to eat. “This place has such a pleasant atmosphere,” said Cherry, a regular customer for the past decade. Cherry added that Shashanka always acknowledges his regular customers and the restaurant has a friendly environment with “positive energy and good Karma.”

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