Light and Liberty at the Oneness-Fountain-Heart with President Thomas Jefferson

Light and Liberty at the Oneness-Fountain-Heart with President Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson
It was indeed an evening of light and growing liberty from our daily and mundane constraints. Author ?Nripal? Eric Peterson came to the Oneness-Fountain-Heart as Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding fathers of this great nation. ?President Jefferson? gave a fascinating insight in the situation and times of the founding of America.

As we can read in the few excerpts that are following, an extraordinary spirit and vision prevailed among the founding fathers at that time. A vision that was build on a deep inner conviction and that not only concerned the liberty and self-government of this nation but of the whole world. His description of an ideal society invokes and strengthens the dream that resides deep in each one of us that peaceful and harmonious coexistence among all peoples and nations of this world is possible.

Thomas JeffersonLong live Thomas Jefferson’s spirit and legacy? long live Nripal Eric Petersen!

Excerpts of the speech by ?Nripal? Eric Petersen, as President Thomas Jefferson at the Oneness-Fountain-Heart, March 15, 2015

About the founding of America:
?All of my fellow patriots and I carried the same feelings deep in our hearts. We felt that
every human being has an interest in the peace, prosperity and happiness of every other. We felt that the happiness of mankind is best promoted by the useful pursuit of peace.?

?I have always believed that America is the hallowed oak of human hope and happiness.?

?I felt that the American vision that we all embraced and cherished was indeed to be embraced ultimately by people all over the world.?

?I wrote at that time ?The ball of liberty is now so firmly in motion that it will roll all around the world.?

?Our activities as patriots were done with a view for the future of humanity. We were all students of history, we had studied the ancient Greek and Roman experiments of liberty and self-government. We were very well aware of the many centuries of darkness and stagnation which followed and we knew and felt in our hearts that we had a once in a millennium opportunity to establish the rights of man and representative self-governments for people all over the world. We knew that the ball of liberty was going to roll around the world. We knew it would take a long time. We felt we had to start somewhere and we felt that in America it was time to start.?
Thomas Jefferson Menu
About the ideal society:
?It has always been my belief that nature has scattered talents among all the people of this planet and it took the society to identify which unique talent each individual citizen of our planet actually has, so that that talent can be developed and contribute to the whole, to the beautiful garden, to the beautiful bouquet of humanity.
Everyone coming together with their own unique talents and offering what they can to create a beautiful and perfect society, our happiness-home here on earth.?

?The happiness of mankind is best promoted by the useful pursuit of peace.?

?I feel that the health and vibrancy of our day to day life is sustained by the gift and bounty of nature.?IMG_0472

‘I believe that without health there is no happiness. Attention to health should be above everything else.’

About the current situation in America:
?Are we pursuing happiness in the right way? Are we seeking to achieve abiding inner satisfaction by using the approaches and educational techniques of learning, knowledge, wisdom and insight that will promote that inner happiness??

?We need to get back to the founding values that make this countries vision what it is. The light of America has gone in somewhat of an eclipse, that we have to say but the hope and promise of America is still there and if we embrace the founding vision of character, of virtue and equality and oneness that inspired our founding and our revolution, we can again move in a direction that our founding fathers and creators envisioned for this wonderful and glorious country.?

?Let the love of our country soar above all minor passions.?

President Jefferson’s kitchen at Monticello
President Jefferson used to say when asked what his profession was ?I am a farmer?. He grew 195 different species of fruits and vegetables at Monticello! He imported many new dishes and ingredients from different parts of the world. The kitchen at Monticello was of a high standard and President Jefferson delighted in entertaining large groups of guests at this home.
Dining at Monticello
We wholeheartedly recommend you to dive deeper into the life and spirit, vision and work of this outstanding character and personality in the history of our country. It will be a most rewarding experience!

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