Lotus-Seat and Garden-Sprouts

Lotus-Seat and Garden-Sprouts

Salad details
Tonight’s Dinner!

Lotus-Seat and Garden-Sprouts
Today I had one of those cooking experiences that I really love, when cooking becomes a meditation, an art and a river that flows effortlessly forward towards its golden goal.

I went to the health food store with the intention to buy ingredients for a light dinner but without any preconceived idea. I wanted myself to be completely guided by the inspiration of the moment in the store, by impulse or some inner guidance.

I love this complete surrender to the process. It is actually not so easy and takes a good amount of exercise to be able to completely let go and also not to be disturbed by thoughts. Once you enter into this state, you feel a wonderful and all-liberating freedom, a growing trust and confidence. You realize that something or someone is guiding you and if you are lucky you may even enter into a sweet conversation with this inner voice.

I put the yellow belgian endives into my cart, immediately followed by the red and lightly bitter Ciccorino rosso, then came baby kale. I saw the fresh Shitake mushroom looking at me and there they went into my cart. Immediately I saw the combination with Tofu ? Tofu and Mushrooms are almost like brothers and work very harmoniously in many dishes – as a topping, lightly stir-fried with olive oil and soysauce. I added some red and orange baby peppers and felt that this was enough.

At home, after a shower and a short meditation, and already driven by a growing hunger, I got at work and prepared the work place and the ingredients. And off I went. Everything was in a perfect flow and I did not hesitate or reflect a single time. Within a few minutes my salad fantasy with sauted Shitake mushrooms and tofu was on the plate and looked like you can see.
Salad big

I can assure you that it tasted great and I just added a little bit of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. The soy sauce used for the Tofu and Shitake were salty enough to give taste to the whole salad.

A great ending of the day that helped me to re-centre myself, forget about the very hectic and somewhat confusing day today and that brought some happiness smiles on my face.

I hope you can experience this joy of cooking yourself, with all its wonderful and fulfilling ?side-effects?.

Bon appetit!

Poem of the week:
Science is desperately searching
For the cosmic key.
Nature already has it.

Sri Chinmoy, Science and nature, Agni Press, 1996

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