Running on the Road of Self-Transcendence

Running on the Road of Self-Transcendence

Over the last weekend some members of our Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team were participating in a 24 hour road race in Cape Girardeau in the state of Missouri.
SCMT 24 hour race

A 24 hour race is an Ultra-Marathon of extreme endurance and is usually run only after many years of running experience and the participation in Marathons and shorter Ultra races of 50km, 50 miles, 6 or 12 hour races.

To be able to fully reach and manifest your potential you need more than just a well-trained body. As longer as the race is, the more the mental and spiritual dimension comes into the picture and plays an often decisive role. Endurance, perseverance, focus, patience, will power, detachment and surrender, cheerfulness and inner balance are qualities that are essential.

Of course the nutrition also plays an important role. Although there are certain general rules of the relation between carbohydrates, proteins and fat, the spectrum of what runners eat is huge and goes from the extreme of chocolate and coke to only fruits and other raw foods. Between these two extremes lie the more average sports nutrition that contains, energy bars and -gels, mineral supplements, bananas, oatmeal, honey bread, avocado, chia porridge or -drinks, soups, rice, potato, salty pretzels, nuts, etc.
Food table at race

To optimize the interplay between all these different elements of physical ability, mental and spiritual strength and sustaining energy from the nutritional intake is something that has to be learned over many years and races.

A 24 hour race is a tough endeavor, there is no way around it. Our team won both the men’s and the women’s division. Galya Balatsky finished with 138.84 miles (223.394km) and Dipali Cunningham set a new course record and personal best with 122.13miles (196.507km).

Why would somebody take so much difficulty and strain on him or herself?
Because these events are unique opportunities to learn about yourself, to get closer to your true inner self, to transcend inner and outer challenges and hurdles and to experience inner feelings of complete happiness and fulfillment.

I used to wonder why runners would come back year after year to the 6 and 10 day races that are taking place each April at Flushing Meadow Park in New York. When I started myself, I knew why….

Are you ready to try?

The plane

Cool guys
In the sky
Manhattan by night

On the way back……

Poem of the day:
Each new day beckons you
To walk on the road
Of self-transcendence.

Sri Chinmoy, Twenty-Seven Thousand Aspiration-Plants, Part 39, Agni Press, 1984

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