The Food-Perfection-Journey

The Food-Perfection-Journey

After a 3 hour run in the cold winter of New York and a lovely Avocado Sandwich from Annam Brahma, one of my favorite restaurants in my neighborhood, I am ready to start the Food-Perfection-Journey Blog. In fact it is just a continuation of the journey that started more than 30 years ago when I joined the Tofu-Factory Soyana ? The Secrets of Perfection-Flames in Zurich, Switzerland in 1981. At the same time I joined the Sri Chinmoy Centre and started to learn how to meditate with my teacher Sri Chinmoy. I also became a vegetarian which actually was not a major step for me as I never ate a lot of meat, even though my mother was (and still is) an excellent cook.

At that time I never could have imagined that one day I would be involved in two vegetarian restaurants in New York. I was quite dissatisfied with how society in the West was evolving and was also consuming a good amount of drugs. Since then I have given dozens of cooking classes in Switzerland, mainly to help introduce Tofu and other Soyproducts to interested housewives and professional cooks. I have written a cookbook on the subject of Tofu and Soy in 1991, called ?Soywonder-Wondersoy?. Later I had a small entreprise in Geneva, called ?Gourmet-Vite? where we produced vegetarian quality foods and then sold them to Health Food stores. Finally in late 2007, shortly after Sri Chinmoy’s passing, I had a dream to open a restaurant. It was a vivid, deep, luminous dream which left no doubt. In June 2008 I came to New York with the intention to learn the business in my friends vegetarian restaurant ?The Oneness-Fountain-Heart?. Circumstances, or fate had it that I am still in New York and two years ago, after a long and deep meditation, I decided to help keep the Coffee Shop ?The Panorama of My Silence-Heart? open which was about to close.

So for most of my life food has played a central role in my outer activities but also in thoughts and feelings. Over the years I developed a real love for cooking, the magic and delight of cooking. Through my parallel regular practice of meditation I also became more interested in the relation of food and consciousness and consciousness and food. This is still one of my main interests and there is still much to discover. Which ingredients to choose, which Menu to cook is one thing, but how to cook it, with what attitude and feelings, is another element that is equally if not more important. In this Blog we will look at the numerous facets and inner and outer ingredients to cook a perfect meal.

Today, during my run when my thoughts where circling around this blog, a picture suddenly appeared that compared the search for a perfect meal with the search for the perfect wave of the surfer. In both cases we are trying to loose ourselves into the elements, to become one with them and be in perfect harmony with them.

May much of this harmony be with you all the time and not only when you cook!

Have a wonderful week!
Shashanka Karlen

From Sri Chinmoy’s Writing about Food:
Question: How are nutrition and consciousness interrelated?
Sri Chinmoy: Consciousness has nutrition itself; again, nutrition has consciousness itself. But consciousness has infinitely more power to add to nutrition than nutrition has to add to consciousness. Consciousness can invoke cosmic energy, but nutrition as such cannot invoke cosmic energy to add to consciousness.
Sri Chinmoy, Secrets Of The Inner World, Agni Press, 1980.

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The Team at Panorama
The Team of the Oneness-Fountain-Heart with friends at a leisurely get together on our day off. Venue: The Panorama of My Silence-Heart Coffee Shop!