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The Oneness-Fountain-Heart celebrates its 17th anniversary!

Dear Friends of the Oneness-Fountain-Heart,

Originally, I only wanted to come for three months to New York to get some more practical experience in how to run a vegetarian restaurant. Monticello Team

Now I have been already 7 years part of those 17 years existence of the Oneness-Fountain-Heart.

Stage Beauty OFH
A restaurant is a wonderful opportunity to learn how to be flexible and spontaneous, keep your cool even admits a sudden avalanche of customers, a failing coffee machine or an employee who broke his arm while riding the bicycle to work.
The overcome challenges is ultimately one of our life-goals and it always brings feelings of satisfaction and joy.

I particularly like the interaction with the guests at the restaurant and the growing relationships, in many cases over years. It feels like a big family to me and it is a wonderful family!
CKG meditation
Sri Chinmoy inaugurated the Oneness-Fountain-Heart on June 7, 1998 and is still the inspiration and guiding force behind our efforts to create a peaceful oasis where you can enjoy food that nourishes body, heart and soul.
One of our main Motto’s is “Love and Serve” and we aim to make this a growing reality at the restaurant.
We all hope that we can continue for a long time to “marvel” you with our international Gourmet Vegetarian Cuisine.

Thank you for being part of our family and for your continued visits for the next 17 years!

Shashanka Karlen and Team

Here is our special birthday Menu! Check it out and try it out!
Birthday Menu


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