Weekend Specials, Sat & Sun Nov 10-11

Weekend Specials, Sat & Sun Nov 10-11


Stuffed Pepper (vegan) $12.95
Green pepper stuffed with quinoa, veggie beef and vegetables. Served with home-made tomato sauce.

Portobello Mellow (vegan) $11.95
Grilled Portobello mushroom, red peppers and spinach wrapped in whole wheat tortilla. Served with sweet potato fries and chipotle mayo sauce


Orange Goji Cake (vegan, raw) $5.95
Cashew, coconut, orange,goji berry and pecan-date crust.

Brunch Specials

Savory French Toast$9.50
Challah bread with organic egg in the middle, mushrooms, mix cheese. Served with fountain fries and salad.

Asparagus & Bacon Omelette$ 9.50
Served with salad and fountain fries.